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I´m Bernardita Aguirre, Chilean photographer

Thank you very much for being here!


I’m a Sony Alpha Partner for Latin America, and my thing is all about snapping cool pics of families and kiddos doing their thing. I’m based in Chile and in U.S.A, capturing moments and dishing out photography courses. I’am an artist and bring with me years of experience in family photography and experience dealing with children of all ages.

I absolutely dig being part of families’ stories, helping them lock in those sweet memories through photos. I’m a kid-whisperer, catching their wild adventures in nature, playful moments, and even some chill poses to capture those real feelings.

I’m your go-to photo guru, making learning pics a breeze and a blast. Whether you’re just starting out (like, zero knowledge level) or a seasoned photog looking to spice up your style, you’re totally welcome here.

With over 900 students and almost 1000 families captures, I’ve done my fair share.

I’ve been a speaker at six prominent photography congresses,  served as a judge in international competitions, and conducted workshops in Chile, Peru, Argentina, the USA, and Mexico.

Come to capturing life’s raddest moments together! 📸✨


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